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4 Girls Deli eschews the same old sandwich concepts, and instead focuses on a flexible, unique array of subs, paninis, and classic deli fare that will please traditionalists and modern eaters alike.

From its interior to its menu, this new deli restaurant can be best described as crisp and upscale. Sink your teeth into leafy forkfuls of emerald salads brimming with pepperoncini, stuffed grape leaves and glistening tomatoes for a green bite. Piping hot subs, cold sandwiches, and Panini's are the epitome of healthiness--they are loaded with tons of veggies and tender meats that include everything from turkey to pastrami.

Established in 2013
Started after trying the franchise route and decide that it was not for us. We like to be able to invent our own sandwiches and not be told what we can and cannot do. We normally will have a new item every week. Always something new and fresh at our location.

We are dedicated to serving excellence to people who want simple, delicious cuisine. We strive to give our customers the best culinary experience possible. Using only the freshest ingredients and serving them in a warm, comfortable atmosphere, each meal spent in the company of our friendly staff will always be a pleasurable experience. We are also devoted to making sure you don’t go home hungry. Our portions are as large as our desires, and even though we’re a small restaurant, there is nothing small about our service and quality.

Visit us today for a great meal at a more than affordable price. We guarantee you’ll be back for a second helping soon.

We have become locally famous for both our menu and our location. Make sure you stop by if you are in the neighborhood.